Extend The Using Life Of Steel Wire Rope

2024-04-16by R-LIFTING

Steel Wire Rope

Among the many transmission parts, the steel rope as a key part is crucial and reliable. The life of the steel wire rope, in addition to its own design limits, is also related to the using frequency and lubrication maintenance. So, can we extend the using life of steel wire rope by increasing the level of lubrication and maintenance of the wire rope? The answer is yes.

The steel wire rope seems simple. In fact, it is composed of several sports elements such as steel wires, stock ropes, and rope cores. There are more or less relative movements between each element, and there are similar places such as gears, bearings, and chains. When the wire rope is stretched, bent, and reversed, each steel wire, the wire and the rope core and the rope core have friction and wear. When turning or pressing the device through the pulley, it is inevitable that there are relatively friction and abrasion.                     

 Possible phenomena may happen as below:

1. Lack of lubrication, continuous abration or adhesion of the contact site of the Ambassador in the contact site

2. Dust, abrasive attachment and penetration, cause abration

3. The humid environment or chemical gas will cause corrosion or chemical erosion,

4. Excessive super load, impact or bending cause the steel wire rope structure and reduced strength to gradually accumulate formed suddenly damage.

The above reasons may affect the using life of the steel wire rope.

Therefore, the requirements of lubricant should as below:

1. Can be adhered to the twisting rope, not easily wiped off, not dripping, not shaking.

2. With good liquidity and penetration ability, it can quickly penetrate the inside of the twist rope and the rope core for lubrication and rust.

3. Higher oil strength and pole pressure can resist the high positive pressure that exists between the wires between the wires under the extremely heavy load.

4. No components that cause rust, water resistance and anti -emulsification.

5. Not affected by temperature and climate 

In terms of the description of lubricants, it is necessary to need a fluid fat with good liquidity permeability, solid lubricant, thickening agent's water resistance, combustion resistance, and high -performance basic oil.